Add Vintage Elements To Your Destination Wedding

1950's Dress Perfect For Destination Bride

I love vintage, a true Second Hand Rose.   There is something about the styles of days gone by that is so hip,  and modern by virute of its timeless beauty and classic elegance.    

Having a destination wedding and not sure that vintage works?   I am here to show you that not only does it work it work it is perfect for a destination wedding and really gives it that Wow Feel!   Best of all?  Not only will your destination wedding be stunning you will be saving money and going green!  Not buying all new is being kind to the earth a fashionistas recycling of sorts!

Heavily Beaded Beach Wedding Gown by St Tropez 1980s
Heavily Beaded Beach Wedding Gown by St Tropez 1980s

Even though this weekend is bridal week in New York, and the bridal designers are rolling out the new styles,  I could not resist the temptation to share some timeless vintage pieces and items perfect for your destination wedding.   Be creative draw inspiration for your wedding in everything beautiful even vintage it is the perfect way to add your signature to your destination wedding!

The dress above is available at the Vintage Bridal Shoppe on Etsy, a wonderful source for vintage fashions for you and your wedding party. 

Absolutely Awesome Wedding Dress by St. Tropez that Would be Perfect at a Beach Sunset. Long, Sleek and Lovely are the ‘Watchwords’for this Piece.The Top is a Modified Halter with a Choker Neckline the dress is only $300!!!


Mother's Vintage Gown Repurposed To Garter
Mother's Vintage Gown Repurposed To Garter
A great way to add some vintage to your wedding… why not have your mother’s wedding gown made into a wedding garter, wonderful way to make a wearable heirloom.
Use Vintage Destination Post Cards For Save the Date
Use Vintage Destination Post Cards For Save the Date
We love to using vintage postcards from a destination as a unique way to Save the Date!  Vintage post cards can also be used for welcome letters, gift tags for guests favors their use is limited by only your creativity.    You will want to check out,   The Vintage Plum  for lots of great vintage post cards.
1989 Vintage Vogue Dress Pattern
1989 Vintage Vogue Dress Pattern

Sometimes it seems like they don’t make them like they used to,  but you can.  This pattern is perfect for a destination bride and their bridesmaids, I found this one while browing on Etsy at  Glass of Fashion,  A pattern, even if you do not sew find the best dressmaker that you can do not skimp! and then they can create this pattern for you and your bridesmaids go long or short it is adorable!   The pattern is under $30 perfect for a recissionista destination bride, perfect for the green bride… makes me so happy on so many levels!  Imagine the photo ops with your scrafs blowing in the sea air!

1950s Dress Perfect for Destination Wedding
1950s Dress Perfect for Destination Wedding
This dress is so perfect for a destination wedding, your bridesmaid will certainly make a vintage statement in the dress above.    Must visit they have  a wonderful selection of vintage dresses that are perfect for a vintage destination wedding.


  1. Great blog post! The dresses are so pretty.
    I love vintage anything. My house is vintage/cottagey style.

    I write a lot about back in the day, too.

    Do you think the sizes of the vintage dresses are the same as the ones now? For ex. is a size 8 vintage a size 8 now? I bet it’s more like today’s 4.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Pam that is my style too, love vintage cottagey, have always been a shabby chic type… comfy elegance…

    I think you are right the sizes were a good deal smaller then, thank goodness we have even better undergarments and things like Spanx to help!

  3. I too love vintage and also victorian elegance is one of my faves. That first dress is so adorable. Love the flower motif that is sewn onto it.

    And that pattern for the flowy white cotton dress. perfect for a beach wedding or honeymoon. I would love to wear that while walking along the beach. (slightly shorter though – so it didn’t get wet from waves LOL)

    Thanks for highlighting my heirloom Mothers wedding dress garter. 🙂

  4. That first dress… be still my heart! It is gorgeous, vintage and yet modern at the same time. ***frantically planning my 4th alternate wedding in my head now, vintage theme****

    Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Our magazine is doing a story on vintage weddings.
    Do you have other suggestions that we may include?
    We can give credit to you or your site.
    Thank you!

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