An Old Fashioned Love Song

Adding vintage flair to your destination wedding.

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Vintage Stewardess Uniforms

Looking for a fun and original (my humble opinion) idea for your bridesmaids? 

Stewardess uniforms add a quirky vintage element for your destination wedding!

Vintage Elements for a Beachy Destination Wedding

Sometimes destination wedding couples would love to incorporate vintage elements into their weddings, but fear that it wont work at the beach in a tropical climate

These ideas will affirm that it is possible to combine vintage elements into your destination wedding!

Flying Save the Dates (Literally)

While surfing through some favorite blogs I stumbled upon these Save the Dates that are in my opinion the quintessential Destination Wedding Save the Dates.

Invitation Crush  featured these awesome Save the Dates on their blog, the design is from Kristi Delfino of Luna and Chloe Weddings 

Did I mention that these are DIY?  Really Truly these have me to quote, Luna and Chloe , “Over the Moon”!

Vintage elements for Destination Weddings

Love vintage? Having a destination wedding, we can help!

The elements in this inspiration board, illustrate how small touches will give a vintage feel to your destination wedding. While the fans below are not vintage a vintage look is created, using the vintage basket to hold the fans.

How will you be adding vintage elements to your destination wedding?

Something Extravagent and Blue

Vintage 1960's Saphire and Diamond Ring

Vintage 1960's Saphire and Diamond Ring


Looking to add some blue bling to your destination wedding day this post is for you.

1970's Vintage Saphire and Diamond Earings

1970's Vintage Saphire and Diamond Earings

All of the jewelery is from Ross Simons, , heirloom collection all  is sure to dazzle your guests!

1980's Collar Style Necklace

1980's Collar Style Necklace

Extravagent sure, but if you have the budget go for it, not only will  you look fantastic on your wedding day you will have an heirloom to cherish for the rest of your life.   A wedding dress is a large investment for just one day, jewelery if chosen properly will never go out of style and can be worn daily.  

1920's Art Deco Style Bracelet

1920's Art Deco Style Bracelet

These pieces are a splurge and investment.   However if you are like most these pieces are well outside our budgets. Do not despair.  You can get great looks for much less,  I will devote a post to blue jewelery for the rest of us (the majority of us today) .. however we all love to look at what a handful of brides can wear on their wedding day.

Vintage Bride and Groom Christmas Stockings

Vintage Bride and Groom Christmas Stockings

Vintage Bride and Groom Christmas Stockings

In keeping with the Season, found these adorable vintage bride and groom christmas stockings  at  These would be perfect for a couple getting married around the holidays, these could be used on the door to the bride and grooms resort room.. would be a great twist to leave gifts for your guests in the stockings or to identify your room. Love the thought of using them to decorate your reception.  

It is a great way to incorporate the holidays into your destination wedding experience and make a wonderful keepsake for your lives together, wonderful heirloom idea!