Things to Consider When Comparing Resorts for your Destination Wedding

Paradisus Playa Conchal
Paradisus Playa Conchal

So you have decided that you are going to have a destination wedding, Congratulations!   Most of my clients call me after having tried on their own to select the destination and resort for their destination wedding, unfortunatley I can not say that they call to tell me of their success and ask for a bit more help no they call me desparate for my expertise.   I will share with you one of the first things that I remind those in dispair about to give up on their dream of a destination wedding…. do not feel bad, I am a wedding coordinator, I am a travel agent… I am trained to know what you need and how to get it for you in the most expeditious manner… you (client, those reading this) have talents and training that I do not possess and spend your day cultivating those talents that you have… I was born to plan weddings.. don’t ask we will save that for another day another post….

Recently clients who called reffered by others who called after exhibiting the signs of complete frustrationwith destination wedding planning detailed above asked what I could do to get them going in the right direction to get the conversation going in a productive vain between themselves and then could convey the answers to me and I would convert the answers into a list of destinations and resorts that fit their criteriea…

This is where even as a wedding coordinator and travel agent I will spend endless hours agonizing (do not tell them that) on my clients behalf what resorts and destinations fit within their wish list.    I then prepare a detailed outline with everything from what each resort and destination offers to what a sample price could be for the guests stay, their stay and the wedding.    A full time job and then some for one trained and has years of background in not only travel and event planning,  a fashion background, color classes, floral design classes etc.. so stop worrying… look at the list let the conversation flow between you and your betrothed  and find someone that you feel confident has the experience and expertise that I have to help you to have the destination wedding of your dreams.  

Look forward to helping those of you who need help to plan your destination wedding.   Do you think that you will know the perfect place for your destination wedding before consulting with a destination wedding coordinator?  Are you open to new ideas suited to your guests comfort?

Couples Tower Isle
Couples Tower Isle

Things to Consider When Comparing Resorts for Your Destination Wedding

1.)    Less expensive all inclusive resorts tend to have more dining options which are buffet, the quality and preparation of the food is inferior to some of the more middle of the road and higher end resorts the cuisine is superior.

 2.)    When comparing all inclusive resorts it is important to note that not all resorts will offer the same inclusions, so it is good to compare the all inclusive from one to the other some of the more expensive resorts will include things like sightseeing and upgraded activities like golf

3.)    Less expensive resorts would have more restricted hours of service and you can notice subtle difference in things like how drinks are served… may be dispensed from a plastic drink machine vs. a bartender serving you in a glass

4.)    Try to know your guests and what will please them

5.)    If you and your guests like activity and like to be active you will want to find a resort that offers a lot of activities

6.)    If you have older or less active guests you will want a resort that will also offer them things to do while some are active

7.)    Is a spa important?

8.)    Do your guests have dietary needs i.e. things like Vegetarian, would want to work with a resort that offers flexibility to suit your groups dietary needs

9.)    Do you want a large or small resort?  Some find either one to be for them and others really do not have a preference.

10.)  Do you need to have something at the resort like the bride and groom who need a swim-up bar sounds funny but if you think is there anything we picture enjoying for our destination wedding that we need in a resort now is a good time to think about that.

11.)  Is it ok to have multiple wedding s  the same day as your own, if so do you have any number that would bother you or other criteria

12.)  If you know that you want to be married on the beach we will need to find a resort that has a beach which is substantial enough for the reception not all will accommodate a large beach reception

13.)  Do you need to find a resort which is child friendly

14.) If above is yes then do you want a property with children’s activity program?

15.)  Do you want to leave the resort in the evening if so do you want the ability to walk to nightlife etc?

16.)  What do you picture for your reception?  What things are a must have?

17.)  Are you willing to pay for events outside of your wedding?   If no do you want to have event outside of the wedding and reception?

18.) Maximum price you would be able to suggest to guests per night and feel comfortable… remember this number is inclusive of transportation from the airport to the resort and the resort back to the airport, resort accommodations, all food, drinks  most activities and all taxes


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