Signature Cocktail Friday ~ The Pink Bikini

It was love at first sight!!  A coconut filled with a pink tropical libation.  Presentation as always indicated is a BIG plus, this cocktail delivers from the glass (lack thereof) and the color it is sure to wow!

Amp up the cool factor, serve frozen!

Coastal Living Magazine featured this recipe, ok so this is one of 15 Coconut Recipes.


  • 1 (1.75-liter) bottle raspberry lemonade (we used Simply Lemonade) $
  • 1 3/4 cups coconut rum
  • 1 cup amaretto liqueur


  1. Combine raspberry lemonade, coconut rum, and amaretto liqueur in a large pitcher. Stir well, and serve over ice.

Julia Rutland, Coastal Living
APRIL 2010

Friday Destination Wedding Signature Cocktail Day

Pink Grapefruit "Margaritas"

Pink Grapefruit "Margaritas"

Shaking it up this week.. a Signature Cocktail sans liquor.  I prefer my cocktails .. yes sans liquor, preferably fruity.

Martha Stewart, has this delicious Pink Grapefruit faux Margarita, what a great Signature Cocktail, so tropical looking.

  • 2 tablespoons colored sanding sugar
  • 1 lime
  • 6 teaspoons pomegranate syrup or grenadine
  • 1 1/2 cups pink grapefruit juice


  1. Place sanding sugar in a shallow dish or plate. Slice six thin rounds from the middle of lime; set aside. Rub lime wedge around rims of six glasses; dip each rim in sugar to coat. Pour 1 teaspoon pomegranate syrup into bottom of each glass.
  2. Place grapefruit juice and 2 cups ice cubes in a blender. Process on high speed until ice is crushed. Pour frozen mixture into glasses, and stir to combine with syrup. Garnish with reserved lime rounds, and serve immediately.

Read more at Pink Grapefruit “Margaritas” – Martha Stewart Recipes

I love the idea of serving a Signature Cocktail without liquor that way no one will feel left out when celebrating watching everyone drink something they can not.   Have the bar offer a choice of Signature Cocktails with liquor too.

Tie One On, Cool Ties for Destination Weddings

Beach Chair Tie, Vineyard Vines

Beach Chair Tie, Vineyard Vines

Some will tie one on for their destination wedding, some will go without …some will rethink their decision to go without when they see these ties, we humbly think these are the type of ties made to be tied on for your Destination Wedding.

The Wave, Vineyard Vines, Tie

The Wave, Vineyard Vines, Tie

Golfer's Tie, Vineyard Vines

Golfer's Tie, Vineyard Vines

Starfish Tie, Vineyard Vines

Starfish Tie, Vineyard Vines

Purple and Green Are the Palette for this Destination Wedding

Working with a really fun hip couple.   They were looking for a unique palette that would create a statement.  The bride loves orchids, without giving too much away they did select a resort that has Orchid in the name!   So the inspiration is orchids couples with a really bright green, hard not to be dazzled by the bold palette.

Windjammer Landing In St Lucia Offers Complimentry One of A Kind Destination Wedding

WindJammer Landing Resort St. Lucia

WindJammer Landing Resort St. Lucia

Award-winning, Green Globe certified Windjammer Landing Villa Beach

Resort, renowned for its dramatic Caribbean location on St. Lucia, impeccable

personalized service and dramatic private villas, is one of the more popular

Caribbean settings for intimate or larger destination weddings with up to 100

guests. Plus when bridal couples book an all-inclusive stay in a one bedroom

Villa for 10 nights or more, they receive a complimentary wedding worth $899.

Personalized Caribbean destination weddings can be performed on the

powdery beach, in a cozy chapel, on a stunning hilltop terrace, under a

fragrant flower-bedecked gazebo, or on a romantic sunset cruise. Customized

entertainment and reception menus, including simple fare to the resort’s

signature gourmet cuisine, can be arranged to suit each couple’s desires, as

well as personalized welcome gifts for their guests. Villa accommodations,

featuring one bedroom Villas to four bedroom Estate Villas, offer five-star

WindJammer Landing St. Lucia

WindJammer Landing St. Lucia

luxury and are the perfect locale to gather friends and family together. “Windjammer Landing Beach

Villa Resort caters to the couple looking for

that one-of-a-kind romantic destination wedding, where their special wishes

and desires are executed flawlessly,” notes Anthony Bowen, Windjammer Landing

managing director. “Our dedicated caring wedding planning team is ready to

plan any request – large or small. What could be more romantic than to be

married at a luxury resort on St. Lucia, known as one of the most beautiful,

tropical islands in the Caribbean? Plus with our private villas, the couple

that hosts a larger wedding can still find their own special intimacy,” states


Patterned after the picturesque hillside villages of the Mediterranean

its stunning villas–many with private plunge pools and multiple terraces–are

spread among 60 exotic and flowering acres. Estate Villas offer the ultimate

in romance and come complete with full sized infinity pools and private chefs.

Windjammer Landing features the blissful Serenity Spa, where the bridal party

can enjoy a pre-wedding pampering experience or a bride can have a special

wedding hairstyle fashioned. The resort features a multitude of tropical

excursions and beachfront activities, as well as the Jaquot Fun Club for kids,

important for couples planning larger wedding events with guests of all ages.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is set on a crescent-shaped,

white-sand beach with stunningly designed and appointed villas on the verdant

Caribbean island of St. Lucia.