Midas Touch ~ Band of Gold, Sandals



Gorgeous New Wedding Package, Band of Gold from Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Please contact us for more information, to see more of their beautiful packages.

We can help you chose the location and inspire you!


Sandals Weddings and Beaches Weddings


  1. Eeeee. My first book has a wedding scene I imagined just like this, although it is set at the Great Lakes instead of a tropical beach. It’s weird to see it in photo form.

    • A dream wedding for sure! How pretty that would be in the Great Lakes! … sounds like I need to read it!

      • You are most welcome to. There’s a hot link on my site. But — 🙁 — this exchange made me double check the version of “Dune Girl” that actually is in e-print and I realized that entire chapter was deleted in a final edit! I’ve actually thought of putting a “lost scenes” post up on my blog. I just might do it. I loved that one.

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