Summer Wedding in New England









Barn Wedding Flag, Martha Stewart Weddings

Patriotic Socks, Brides

Menu, Pink Pistachio

Just Married, Over Dressed to Impress

Baseballs, Serendipity Refined

Pie Dessert Table, Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Fireworks, Wedding Ideas

Tuesday Shoesday ~ All that Glitters

Keds-X-Kate-Spade-New-York-Champion-Glitter-sneakers (1)


Adult Sizing


Yes, they have them in children’s size too!



Bridal Party Photograph Ferbena 

Kate Spade Adult Bridal Keds

Kate Spade Girls Keds

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Midas Touch ~ Band of Gold, Sandals



Gorgeous New Wedding Package, Band of Gold from Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Please contact us for more information, to see more of their beautiful packages.

We can help you chose the location and inspire you!


Sandals Weddings and Beaches Weddings

Dot Dot Dot

“There is never a wrong time for a Polka Dot!”

~ Mark  Jacobs



Dots on Dots
Polka Dots Suspenders - White
Black Polka Dot 15 Inch Tissue Paper Flower Pom-PomBlack and White Dots 4-Up Postcards - Pack of 160 Black Polka Dots on White Wired Ribbon, 1' x 22 Yds

dot dot dot & they lived happily everafter



Balloons and Stilt Entertainer Kirsty 

Address Labels, Tiny Prints

Post Cards, Sophie’s Favors

Suspenders, E4Hats

Pom Pom Tissue Flowers, Luna Baazar

Ribbon, Bags and Bows 

Polka Dress, Violet Skiles

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Fourth of July Wedding Inspiration

Fourth of July Wedding Inspiration


Color Theory


Thinking about the color palette for your wedding, you must,

head over to Magnet Street, to read their great post on color theory.

To access their PDF lesson

Cerise with Orange Accents Inspiration for your Destination Wedding


For a bit of instant visual gratification, our Polyvore Page has lots of ideas.

The above set is a window into the inspiration, available on our page.


Still looking for inspiration?  Head to Design Seeds for more like the beautiful palette above.


blueberry icecream

Where else do I get inspiration and how you can do the same.

Inspiration can be found anytime and anywhere.

I look everywhere wherever there is something that I find aesthetically pleasing that makes me happy I am inspired.

Whether you are inspired by the ice cream or the cherry on top, go for it,  your day…your way!

Cheers to you and Good Luck on your quest, remember if you like it go for it!




Color Lesson, Magnet Street

Blueberry Ice Cream, Baked by Rachel

Orange and Hot Pink Inspiration Board, Fawn Thomas for Destination Wedding Store

Flower Inspired Palette, Design Seeds

Bridesmaid, Like a Champagne Life