Vintage Destination Wedding Friday


Clea, 50's Jille Originals Flower Cap
Clea, 50's Jille Originals Flower Cap

Just as Tuesday will now be destination shoes day it is with great pleasure that I announce, Vintage Destination Wedding Friday! 

Brides with lots of vintage style and Moxie will love this 1950’s bathing cap.  You will evoke images of Hollywoods glamorous past when you take off the cap and let you locks fall out, tres chic!

This bathing cap is from the Etsy shop, LaCaravaneBoheme

They describe the cap perfectly:

“Clea is quirky and cute.

Her vintage story:

This is a cap from Jille Originals, a milliner popular from the 40’s through 60’s.

She’s adorable and fun to don on those days you simply feel eccentrically glamourous.”

Look forward to more Vintage Destination Wedding Fridays!   One more reason to TGIF

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