Suprise in life can be exhilarating but suprises in planned schemes can terrify. Your Happiness can make others less afraid!

Spread Happiness
Spread Happiness

What a week so far.  

It is hard to believe that a week ago we were making sure that all of the guests travel documents were in order, making sure all of our i’s were dotted and t’s crossed and now I have spent literally the better part of 72 hours working to reaccommodate the couple that had dreamed of their wedding day for more than a year and had poured their hearts and souls into the planning of their wedding.

It has been a whirlwind when we learned of the serious threat being reported for those travelling to Mexico it has been a flurry of activity.  

I must say it has been a serious test of the skills aquired over many years as a wedding coordinator and a travel planner.   Within the first six hours of learning of the crisis and realizing the need to relocate the wedding for the same time, I had the islands best photographer and florist at the ready I had secured not only a venue for the same day as originally scheduled I negotiated rates with the resort which were the same as those previously reserved at the resort in Cancun.   So why aren’t they getting married in Jamaica, with guests flying from all corners the cost to fly to Jamaica with so little notice and so many people scrambling to get the seats it was prohibative from a cost standpoint.   Then we explored St. Martin and really much the same scenario, in the end it just felt we were settling for a experience that just was not what the couple of the consensus of the guests wanted so…. drum roll please, the couple has decided to reschedule the wedding for the fall.   Will they be going to Mexico, we don’t think so, not that we do not love Mexico, we do, not that we think that Mexico will continue to be the epicenter of this flu, we don’t.. it just does not feel right now and you know what they saying about if it feels good.. so stay tuned that will be the subject of posts to come.

Tommorow we will begin to plan a fabulous getaway for the engaged couple where they can rehash and laugh at all they have been through and dream of all they have to look foward to when we begin our new plan on their return.   There are so many reasons to be happy sometimes it takes someone like me, the destination wedding coordinator to get you back to being happy and seeing your glass full  (do not go for that half glass if you are going to go for happy go for a full glass!)  once again having a wedding planner has made lemonade of the lemons and made a full glass of happiness.

Wishing you much happiness everyday and especially in your wedding planning!  If you are not happy in your planning your should find a wedding coordinator who can take some of the pressure off add the sugar and you know make the lemonade!


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