Another Good Reason to Work With A Destination Wedding Coordinator

Stress Free Destinaiton Wedding In Mexico
Stress Free Destinaiton Wedding In Mexico

I am working with a couple getting married next week in Cancun… oh my!  A doctor and her fiance have had to endure the stress of the warnings related to the drug violence and had come to peace with that,  only to have the swine flu rear its ugly head… so they are now trying to make the best decision for not only themselves but also there many guests.

As their wedding coordinator, I am trying to help them to make a decision that they are comfortable with, allowing them to have as little financial impact as possible, while still allowing them to still have a wedding in 9 days in a tropical locale with all of their many friends and families (who have already taken the time off for the wedding). still able to attend from a financial standpoint.

Are they definatley going to move the wedding from Mexico, still unknown… much to work out and much to think about.  Will post updates as they occur.

Reason it is good to have a destination wedding coordinator, think about handling all of these details with 9 days and no experience.. my clients are pretty calm given the state of their wedding, we even joked about it, certainly everyone will be talking about this at family reunions for years to come, and I know ontop of that the guests will rave about the great time that they had and what a beautiful wedding it is regardless of the destination.   I am the one who is taking the Tums and Tylenol..

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