Trendy Tuesday ~ Living in the Moment


Being in the moment at a wedding is critical to both you and your guests.

The endless quest for Instagram photos prevents us from living in the moment.

Being at a wedding in an interesting location adds to your guests street cred.

Thus, giving rise to this thought provoking questions.

How do  you, politely ask guests, to unplug during the ceremony???

LOVE the humor in these !


I like the light hearted tone in each of the examples above!

If you are unplugging from your ceremony, share your ideas!

Not unplugging cool, can never have too many photos.. just cuz you have the guy..



We would love to see your faces sign (downloadable!), via HQ Templates 

There’s a Guy, taking our picture sign, via Wedding Dates Co 

Can I Get a Witness Sign Coastal Casita

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