Flower Power

Do not overlook the power of flowers when thinking about your wedding day style!

Your bouquet is a great way to let your  personal style shine on your wedding day.

Floral Bouquets are a bride’s chance to add a pop of color, even an all white bouquet creates a huge impact.

The caveat to great bouquets is to work with a  great floral designer, one who can interpret your personal style and have that style carried down the aisle.

All Bouquets featured are by the wonderful floral design team at Petal and Bean, planning a destination wedding in the Colorado Rockies, they are your go to florist!

Not getting married in the Rockies, then you may want to consult with a great floral designer that can work with your destinations florist so that they are able to create a look that you love, using flowers that are available in your destination.

Be careful when looking at flowers (Pinterst anyone?) all flowers are not available in all destinations , be realistic in your expectations.   Be sure that your design team is familiar with the flowers in the region to avoid disappointment.

Remember the beautiful bouquets came from a floral design team, without the love and understanding of your floral designer, it is unlikely that the end result will compare to those that Petal and Bean create.

Photos in this post were taken by:

Elevate Photography (Colorado)

Grace Combs Photography (Colorado)

Cayton Photography (Colorado)

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