Lollipop, Lollipop, Great for Destination Weddings

Tingled Pink Lollipops, by Mihow
Tingled Pink Lollipops, by Mihow

Came across Mihow’s etsy store, full of lollipops and only lollipops.   Always say if you are going to do something do it well and stick with it, love that about the Minhow boutique, she sells only lollipops.

It was love at first sight, they are great to look at combine sophisticated indgredients all for a great price.  These would be a perfect addition to your candy buffet, as a thank you for guests, in a welcome gift bag, table favor.. in lieu of a flower arrangement.. you see where I am going.

You must visit the site yourself, but I am compelled to share some of the unique flavors and how visually appealing all of the flavors are.

Pepper Pops by Mihow
Pepper Pops by Mihow

Tempting flavors include:


Movie Time, made with real popcorn

Elvis, peanut butter and bannana

Egg Nog

Orange Lollipoppy made with poppy seeds

Sweet Tea

Orange Lollipoppy by Mihow
Orange Lollipoppy by Mihow

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