Adding Sparkle to your Destination Wedding

Adding Sparkle to a Destination Wedding

Looking to add sparkle to your big day ??

Our Client's Wedding Guests Enjoying Sparklers

I Love sparklers… for very little money you can truly create a unique memory, not to mention some great photos!

Great Way to Display Sparklers from

Sparklers online is a great resource for your wedding sparklers the site has photos from weddings showing how couples have used sparklers at their weddings as well as a blog with ideas for personalizing sparklers for your wedding day.

Sparkler Save the Date
Sparkler Save the Date

Now that you have decided that you would like sparklers for your destination wedding, contact the airline and be sure that they will allow you to travel to your destination with the sparklers, in some cases it may be easier to obtain sparklers where you will be having your destination wedding.

So you have found out that sparklers are possible in your destination.. congratulations you will love the fun that they add.. want to go one step further and make a fabulous presentation!

Personalized Printable Sparkler Holder
Personalized Printable Sparkler Holder

The Etsy shop Print Your Party has these great personalized sparkler holders.   They make it as simple as selecting your design in their online store, purchasing it and then you can download it and print it on your own.

Like to be sure that no small detail is overlooked?  Personalized matches are just the thing for lighting up the sparklers in style.

Personalized Wedding Matches to Light Sparklers
Personalized Wedding Matches to Light Sparklers

Be sure to visit to create your unique wedding matches.

Now you have the information that you need to add Sparkler to your destination wedding.

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