Why Work with a Destination Wedding Coordinator

There has been much talk in the travel community lately of the resilience in the destination wedding market and its growth.   So resorts, destinations and tourism boards are all racing to get travel agents to sell their destination or resort for your destination wedding.   Being sure to tell of the lucrative nature of booking travel for destination weddings.

What does that mean to you?  Many travel agencies will be clamoring for the chance to plan your wedding, the problem with that you ask?

Glad you asked!  There is so much more to destination weddings than just suggesting a resort that a travel agency has a allegiance with.

A destination wedding can be terribly difficult when going it on your own or with a traditional wedding planner.

It can be very frustrating even feel almost impossible to get the resorts to answer your many questions.   Most travel agencies lack the experience and expertise that is needed to communicate with the resorts.

You will want to have your interests looked after every step of the way.  We have the experience to know how to maximize your budget and your guests experience, a difficult and frustrating proposition when not working with the right team of professionals.   Wedding planning is not something that can be taught it is a gift the ability to interpret clients dreams of their weddings in a realistic manner relying on years of experience planning destination weddings and the innate ability to execute your vision.

We have been planning destination weddings every aspect from the selection of the resort to thank you notes and everything in between.

If you are truly looking to have a seamless wedding experience where you are so relaxed you vacation, then you must contact someone with the experience both wedding and in the travel industry.  

Providing exceptional concierge like service to you, your future spouse is just the beginning, we want each and every guest to have a wonderful vacation, while seeing you exchange vows, we take that very seriously and will coordinate their travel plans from tee times and spa appointments to dialysis we are here to insure that your wedding is a five star experience.. and have the experience both in the travel industry and as wedding coordinators to save you much unneeded stress and let you focus on the fun things, like what your signature cocktail will be.

We would be delighted to discuss our services with you to show you what distinguishes our service from traditional travel agencies and wedding coordinators.  Do not hesitate to ask for references, we are happy to share them with you.

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