Luggage Tags Perfect For A Destination Wedding

Cool UpCycled Map Luggage Tag From Marmalime
Cool UpCycled Map Luggage Tag From Marmalime

In the days gone by luggage tags were most commonly uninspired pieces of cardboard tied to your suitcase.   Those are not the luggage tags of today.   Luggage tags are really cool little gems that identify your bag as did luggage tags in the past but todays luggage tag can be so much more, it can express your personal style and really jazz up your travel look.  The range of tags available today seems limitless and the price range is great from the very inexpensive to some which carry a much heavier price tag.

Brightly Colored Personalized Luggage Tags
Brightly Colored Personalized Luggage Tags
The luggage tag and the destination wedding tie in is a natural.   You will have people travelling to your wedding with luggage and they are sure to need luggage tags, even if  your guests already have a snazzy tag surely they would enjoy one commemorating the fab vacation to your wedding.

Luggage Tag Love From Tiffany and Co
Luggage Tag Love From Tiffany and Co

There are so many ways to use a luggage tag for your destianation wedding, the ideas are limited only by your imagination.  Some of my favorite ideas are:

Send a luggage tag to guests as they RSVP for your destination wedding.. imagine you are the guest who is excited to have made the decision to go to your wedding and they receive a fab luggage tag thank you ~ awesome

Use the luggage tag as a Save the Date

Luggage tags as Favors for the Guests in their rooms

Luggage tag Favors for a Bridal Shower

Luggage tags used as table decor

Luggage tag thank you for attending our wedding given on the last day of the guests stay

Below is some luggage tag eye candy to inspire you to go find the perfect luggage tag for your wedding.

Would love to hear how you will incorporate luggage tags into your wedding.

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