Ginger Snap Frozen Cocktail Perfect Signature Cocktail For Christmas Destination Wedding

Frozen Ginger Snap Cookie Drink
GingerSnap Cookie Signature Cocktail

In the spirit of the season and I do mean spirit of the season… thought I would share a recipe for my favorite holiday cocktail the Ginger Snap.    A Frozen Ginger Snap Cocktail would make a wonderful addition to your winter destination wedding especially made for a tropical destination with its ginger flavor and cool frozen texture…  Why wait for your holiday destination wedding enjoy one tonight and make it your Signature Cocktail.

Recipe is from tweaked by Destination Wedding Store


3/4 oz. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum®
1/2 oz. Ginger Flavored Brandy
4 oz. Egg Nog
1 Ginger Snap
Directions  Whirl ingredients in blender. If desired, garnish with additional ginger snap for dunking.  We love to rim the edge of the glass with ginger snap cookie crumbs.. .try flavored Egg Nogs we love to make it with Pumpkin Flavored Egg Nog

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