Think Twice Before You Take On A DIY Project For Your Destination Wedding

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I tend to be a pretty frugal gal at least as frugal as the next person if not more so.   Love creating gorgeous events.   Am an avid crafter have taken college level courses on color and design… and I am not  a huge fan of the DIY trend in weddings!   As I write this is know it is strange.. but true.. why?

Ask anyone who crafts for a living and they will more than likely tell you that you are getting a heck of a deal on their labor.. most times the crafts person artisan is actually supplying the labor.. some do not realize to the extent that their labor is a gift to the purchaser. 

Time is as valueable an asset as anyother, DIY projects are very labor intensive… I have never undertaken a project and said wow that did not take much time.. of course it does!

Real Cost of DIY Wedding Projects
Real Cost of DIY Wedding Projects (Bank available at

Things you really should factor in before you DIY it:

Cost of the materials (chances are you are not buying in bulk like someone who makes this project for their business, so prices are higher)

Cost of tools needed to execute the project

Cost of Additional Labor to get the project done, an example of that is if you need to have paper cut at a Copy Center

Cost of Time Do you have other projects work housework family etc.. projects are very time consuming

Cost of Clean-up.. nothing worse than ruining clothes and furniture creating your DIY wedding project

Why am I such a know it all.. Not only am I married and had my own DIY fiasco.. remind me to tell you about the votive candle holders that I made with silk rose petals can you say expensive fiasco.. I am a wedding coordinator and I hear the horror stories.. In the end you may not only attempt and a project with less than satisfactory results but may in the end have to buy the same thing you set out to make yourself.

Moral of the story do your homework and see if there is already someone doing what you are looking for and defer to their expertise and enjoy one of the best times of life!

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