Destination Wedding Welcome Party Inspiration Board Hawaii

The welcome party sets the tone for your wedding weekend and the events to come..  This inspiration board is to inspire your own Welcome Party look…. this is for a wedding in Hawaii but there is inspiration for a welcome party for a destination wedding anywhere.

No matter where you are getting married you can benefit from this inpsiratoin board… think about the reason the elements in the inspiration board were chosen, this is what you can borrow for your Destination Wedding Welcome Party on another island etc..  Below I have broken down each of the elements of the inspiration board and told the reason for its selection and it is not just about the color coordination but rather the feel evoked not just visually but by using a totality of the senses.

1.) Fab Vintage Flair Hawaiin Postcards

So much fun to give a hint of the fun to come for the welcome party with a post card from your destination… use your imagination for the invite to the party.. can be left in guests rooms or mailed in advance, may even want to make a CD and send it out in advance of your welcome party to convey the mood for the upcoming party.

2.)  Centerpieces

Somthing whimsy filled for the welcome party is a great icebreaker… gold fish are sure to be a conversation starter!

3.)  Fans

Are great to jazz up the area where you are holding the wedding welcome party.. could do so many things but it is really fun to think outside the box

4.) Cocktail

Have a signature cocktail for the wedding welcome party,as our welcome party is in Hawaii we went with a Pina Colada served in a pineapple.. really tropical really typical of the island and lots of fun

5.) Flowers

Here we are taking advantage of the beautiful orchids which are actually inexpensive as they are native to Hawaii.. for your welcome party take advantage of local resources when decorating to save a bit of money and make the most of the destination.

6.)  Chair Decor

If the budget allows why not include something festive in our inspriation we have used red pillows for added comfort and color and then strung floral garland on the chair adds great focal interest

7.) Icey Popsicles in Tropical Flavors

We love the cool fun popsicles add to your welcome party.. serving something fun like a popsicle is a good icebreaker reminds everyone of other great times and makes for some great memories at your welcome party

8.) Dress to Impress with a dress or outfit that is in sync with the destination and overall feel of the wedding.   This dress is perfect the bride will be elegant and cool at the welcome party.

Ok.. now we have a tool for looking at inspriation boards.. look to see how you can borrow ideas from an inspiration board for your own destination wedding.   Another lesson learned from the post is how much fun and detail can go into the welcome party which will set the stage for the rest of your wedding events.

Be Creative Have Fun and Your Guests Will Appreciate Your Effort!

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