The Signature Cocktail and Your Destination Wedding

Toasting The Marriage with a Signature Cocktail

Toasting with a Signature Cocktail


Anytime that I find something blog worthy I keep it on a list above my desk and as time allows blog I do!   Have a note that I am going to talk about signature cocktails and destination weddings.. this morning I find that one of my Twitter friends has  been quoted in an article in the New York Times on just that subject.. talk about timeliness of the blog on Signature Cocktails..  I would be remiss in not sharing the article with you, to read the New York Times article on Signature Cocktails,

“It’s absolutely become part of the wedding party checklist,” said David Tutera, a New York City party planner and the host of “My Fair Wedding” on cable television., said in the article.

So what is a signaure cocktail?

The signature cocktail is said to have come about from the Martini Craze made popular by Sex and the City… I am not sure.. for as long as I can remember, they have been a fun, easy and relatively inexpensive way to wow your guests.

A cocktail specially crafted for your wedding day is your signature cocktail.. simple right.. well it can be.. and then again it can be a really complex drink and is limited only by your creativity and the bar available at the destination.

 This is the first of many posts which will discuss the signature cocktail.. future posts include ways to “kick it up a notch” with signature drink accessories.

For now be inspired, go and start mixing some cocktails and see what you come up…. with good fun in the name of research!

Some Signature Cocktails Just Right for a Destination Wedding

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird



Midori Lucky Charm

Midori Lucky Charm

Pineapple Cooler

Pineapple Cooler

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