Happy 4th of July

Does Your Love Make You See Fireworks?
Destination Wedding Fireworks
A Happy 4th of July to all.
Thought today would be the perfect day to share the above photo, this couple was married in Puerto Vallarta.  The couple suprised their guests with a  elaborate fireworks display including their names in a heart!
Those who follow my blog, know I am big on spending money in places you and your guests will really get a big impact from.   A fireworks display for your destination wedding is  a great place to spend some money and leave your guests in awe.  
The price of fireworks and availability vary depending on the destination chosen.   A wedding coordinator such as myself can let you know if it is something feasible for your destination wedding.   
It can be fairly frustrating when trying to add a special element to your destination wedding like fireworks.. permits are required in many places etc.. so a good destination wedding coordinator can save you lots of time and stress when trying to impress your guests with a elaborate Fireworks Display.
A Happy and Safe July 4th to all.

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