Submerged Centerpieces Budget Friendly For Destination Weddings


Simply Elegant
Simply Elegant

Are you going for an elegant chic organic feel for your destination wedding.   Submerged centerpieces deliver the result big, for less money…. the glass actually magnifies the flowers resulting in your needing less flowers to create a really dramatic look.  Surround the centerpieces with votive candles and the look is dazzaling, the effect creates a shimmer to the water.. the ambient lighting  provided by the candlelight creates a platinum look for your destination wedding while cutting down on your flower budget.

Submerged centerpieces are making their mark on the chic weddings of today and are perfect for a destination weddings.

Submerged Chic
Submerged Chic Simpicity Allows the True Beauty To Be Reflected


Maximize Your Flower Budget
Maximize Your Flower Budget


Thank you to Petal and Bean,, for the beautiful submerged centerpieces  in this post!

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