Say I Do To Wedding Insurance!

Say I Do To Wedding Insurance
Say I Do To Wedding Insurance

If we have learned anything from the swine flu epidemic in the destination wedding planning business it is that even if you are planning a wedding during an ideal time weather wise things can come up which affect/effect your wedding.. like swine flu.

Fortunately in some cases as the case with my clients who were planning to be married in Mexico this coming weekend, I was able to recover all of the money that the couple had paid as deposits for their wedding, many have not faired as well as my clients, see the article
There is something you can do if you are concerned that you may be faced with the unforseen event that will create a temporary hiccup in your wedding plans be prepared check out the following companies all who offer wedding insurance ( I do not personally endorse any!)
My suggestion, do some research and see if wedding insurance is right for you, it seems a small price to pay to insure that if something comes between you and your scheduled big day you are able to get back up and start planning again.    I also always encourage travel insurance which is a separate insurance and as such will get its own post.
We never want to need insurance but life happens and it is good to have insurance!  Who would have thought a year ago weddings would need to be rescheduled as a result of Swine Flu…


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