Is A Free Wedding Free?

Can A Wedding Be Free?
Can A Wedding Be Free?

Ah so glad you thought to ask!  Very perceptive….

As with most things in life, little is free and that which is free may often needs to be supplemented with something which is not free, if you get my drift.

I specialize exculsively in destination weddings, so I am very familiar with the concept of the “free wedding”, and honestly can say that most every time there is a free offer of a destination wedding it is a very good deal but there are some associated costs, restrictions and upgrades.

Most of the resorts that offer free weddings have onsite wedding coordinators.   The wedding coordinators offer their services to you so that you will book your wedding with the resort and your guests stay at the resort a good deal for the resort actually.

If there are free wedding coordinators at your disposal how or why do I have a business?

Planning a wedding can be a very overwhelming event for most.   When coupled with the thought of a destination wedding you are really heading into uncharted water for most couples there are many elements of a destination wedding and wedding planning which are unique to getting married far from ones home.

The resorts coordinators are there certainly to assist but are again working not for you independently they are there only to maximize the revenue generated for the resort and not neccessarily looking to maximixe  your budget, experience and fun… we work only for you our client and your guests, we want to take your budget and help you to spend it in the right places, we find when your resources are maximized and comprimised you will enjoy your wedding experience that much more.  

The resorts coordinators are overwhelmed in most cases and it can be difficult to get answsers and getting them takes far longer than you think.   This is our job and our business to get the answsers so you can do your work and run your business and life, while we work out the fine details involved in planning your destination wedding.

We begin by talking to you and listenting to your wish list of where and how you would like to be married, evaluating your budget and other practical matters like travel time for you and your guests to the destination as well as the travel costs associated with travel to that destination.  Then we are with you personally each step of the way to insure that everything is done in your best interest and treating you like you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.  

So yes, in all honesty our service is not free but what really is free?

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