Save the Dates that Deliver Serious Wow Factor

I often say this and write this here often (maybe your sick of me saying it).. I think your Save the Dates are really important.

the Save the Dates in this post are created by,  Melangeriency   they are simply fantastic at creating unique Save the Dates!

A Save the Date like these will have your guests counting the days to until your wedding!

With Save the Dates like these everyone knows that your wedding weekend is all about fun and fabulousness!

Can you even imagine  Melangeriency   will custom design your Save the Date!

Flying Save the Dates (Literally)

While surfing through some favorite blogs I stumbled upon these Save the Dates that are in my opinion the quintessential Destination Wedding Save the Dates.

Invitation Crush  featured these awesome Save the Dates on their blog, the design is from Kristi Delfino of Luna and Chloe Weddings 

Did I mention that these are DIY?  Really Truly these have me to quote, Luna and Chloe , “Over the Moon”!