Cerise with Orange Accents Inspiration for your Destination Wedding

Cerise with Orange Accents Inspiration for your Destination Wedding

Tropical Flower Primer, Lesson 1, the Ginger Blossom

Flowers can be a subject of much frustration with destination wedding couples.

Most couples do not realize that flowers that they are familiar with are simply unavailable in many destinations or they are imported at a substantial cost.

How can you get around the frustration that accompanies selecting flowers for your wedding?

Think tropical flowers!

Many of my clients are unfamilar with tropical flowers and foliage, of course we educate them and guide them in selecting flowers that achieve the couples, “look” using flowers native to the island where they will married.

It seems to me it is time to start a series of lessons designed to familiarize you with some of the flowers that are common on tropical islands.

I will dedicate a number of posts, of course you never know when the mood will strike.. check back…

This post is Ginger Blossom.   Most are unfamiliar with this striking tropical bloom.

Ginger is wonderfully fragrant and is available in white, orange, red, pink and white.

So now you see how pretty a affordable tropical flower can be.   You have met Ginger next I will introduce another tropical flower leading up to a post featuring bouquets and centerpieces made from a combination of tropical flowers.

Putting the Rubber Stamp on your Destination Wedding

Always on the look out for cool ways to personalize your destination wedding weekend.  …
Rubber stamps are a wonderful way to add your custom stamp (he he) on your destination wedding.
 Your custom artwork can be turned into a rubber stamp by using a jpeg!    Stampoutonline  can turn around your custom design usaully the same day that you submit the design.. which means you will soon be stamping everything for your wedding.. probably even going to find more items to put your personal stamp on!