Tuesday Shoesday ~ No Shoes Required




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Make your barefoot wedding fashion statement, visit lady bead

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Tuesday Destination Wedding ShoesDay

Today is a bit different then other Tuesdays when I post a Shoe in honor Destination Wedding Shoesday.   Why you ask? It is an unshoe if you will .. it allows you to be a barefoot bride with barefoot sandals, jewelery all in one.

Each “unshoe” is created individually and can be customized so it can really capture your destination wedding style.  A truly unique, elegant and fun way to dress your feet, perfect for the beach.

So today I present the  oh so Fab, unshoe for Destination Wedding Shoesday.

Have to order a pair then you must visit, www.ladybead.com  let them know what you are looking for and they will begin to create a pair of “unshoes” just for you.  Keep in mind that ladybead can make jewelery to match!  Great look and gift for your bridal party as well, even your flowergirls!