Ever Thought Of A Destination Engagement?

Get Engaged In Venice
Get Engaged In Venice

Usually by the time I speak with clients they have already gotten engaged.. that is not always the case.    Another great oppurtuntity to enlist the services of a wedding coordinator is before you actually get engaged to help with the coordination of one of the biggest moments of your life… popping the big question.. asking the one that you love to spend the rest of their lives with you.. there is no better time to go all out and proffess your love.

It may be the perfect time to schedule a getaway to wow your love in a romantic destination perhaps even where you would like to later go get married.  Leaving the hustle and bustle of your everyday life it is easier to really express your love and your desire to marry them.  

A destination wedding coordinator may even be willing to work out a deal for their services  I will give clients a discount who use my services for both the planning of their engagment and their destination wedding.   What exactly will I do to help… oh really everything needed to insure your proposal goes just as you imagine, from suprise travel plans to a trip to a fab jewelery store.. really anything that is needed for the perfect proposal.

A great online resource for those thinking of getting engaged is www.wheretogetengaged.com

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