Finally A Much Needed Makeover And New Home For Destination WeddingStores Blog

At long last I feel like I am dusting off and settling in to my new digs here at Word Press…. it has been a long road to get here.  Hard to believe I have had a blog for more than two years, through my web-hosting company and to say it is primitive is really being very kind.   As with most things I have been busy and put off actually taking sometime to find something that would not be so restrictive and would allow me to have more flexibility and creativity.   Be patient as I learn, and stick with me, I am certainly not above suggestions and love to collaborate, so if you have ideas for what I could do to improve, by all means let me know!

For those not familiar with my blog, it is a forum to talk about everything related to destination weddings, whether it is how to tell if a destination wedding is right for you, who typically  pays for what, how to word a invitation, creative ideas for your wedding and ceremony, great locations, the latest resorts, wedding packages, dresses and everything and anything related to weddings, specifically destination weddings! 

I am a destination wedding coordinator, my dream job.  Looking forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas.

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